The location of the workbench on the stage corresponds to the starting point of the Minecraft fighter, although we can make it appear by pressing the special button while taking cover, which is quite useful if it is guarded by enemies, and we need to make new ones weapons and tools.

Also, the workbench can be destroyed by both us and our enemies, but it will reappear after a short time.

Another special to consider is the wagon, which requires that we have iron. Once we are in it, we can create rails and move at high speed until we run out of iron, overwhelming everyone in our path.

Finally, dynamite (the special one down) will allow us to position a powerful explosive created with earth and rock in combat, with the addition that we will also be given the possibility of deploying a fuse and a detonator that is activated when stepped on.

A trap that we can operate or place strategically, being aware that if we detonation very close to the explosive we will also be injured.

At this point, it is worth noting that not all strokes need tools , construction, or materials:

  • With a strong blow down we will use the flint chip , starting a small wall of fire perfect to surprise or stop the enemy.
  • With an aerial blow down we will use a huge anvil that collapses vertically at great speed. As a detail, we can get off the Yunque itself during the descent through a cancellation.
  • Smash upward creates a large block of magma on top of Minecraft’s fighter , which can be mined. It is a flaming barrier that lasts for a long time and does not require spending materials, perfect for stopping any air initiative.
  • Smash down serves to pour lava left and right , creating a great launch path. Which is very convenient.
  • The special upwards is the elytra , with which we spread wings and we can move for a limited time with relative freedom through the air. A huge advantage when it comes to moving around or rejoining the stage, although in this case they only serve to plan.

Regarding the throws, these are carried out using a fishing rod, a piston in the case of gripping forwards or upwards and an anvil (if we have iron) in the lower one.

Finally, the Final Smash of Minecraft fighters is the House of Explosions, a cinematic attack with which one of the rivals will be propelled into a building full of enemies and dynamite, culminating in a huge explosion.

The House of Blasts only affects one of our opponents, although all those who are close to attack range will also be projected with great force. So if they have great damage they can also go out of the limits of the screen.