Continuing the tradition, Sakurai has presented a new set of costumes with which we can dress the three Mii fighters to give them an extra touch of personality. All of them, based on licenses that are too interesting not to enter Super Smash Bros.

  • Bomberman , the legendary Dynablaster is not satisfied with being a helper and comes with a particularly attractive appearance for the Mii Karateka
  • No More Heroes’ Travis Touchdown slashes with the mind-blowing beam katana by putting this skin on the Mii swordsman
  • Also, for the Mii swordsman comes Gil’s costume , from The Tower of Druaga , wearing armor and a helmet that are pure epic fantasy.
  • In addition, from Minecraft also come Creeper, Pig and Diamond Armor costumes.

It’s worth remembering that Mii costumes are not part of the Challenger Pack 7 or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Each of them is sold separately for 0.80 euros.

Availability, prices and other news of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

On October 14, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be updated to version 9.0 to receive all the previous contents, which implies adapting each one of the scenarios to the possibilities of mining and manufacturing of Steve, Alex and the rest of the characters of Minecraft.

The Applicant Pack 7: Steve and Alex is valued at 5.99 euros and includes the Minecraft fighters, the Minecraft World stage, the seven new songs and the new challenges.

It is worth remembering that the Applicant Pack 7: Steve and Alex is also included in the Fighters Pass Vol. 2, so that all those who have purchased the pass (valued at 29.99 euros) will receive it at no additional cost along with Challenger Pack 6: Min Min and four new Challenger Packs to be revealed.

Finally, the next batch of Amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate collection has been confirmed with the three remaining fighters from Fighters Pass Vol. 1: Banjo Kazooie figure, Terry Bogard figure from Fatal Fury and Byleth from fire. Emblem: Three Houses.

The three new Amiibo have a simply impeccable level of detail. The price of each one is approximately 14.95 euros and at the moment there is no launch date, but it is expected that all three will be available in 2021. Three true quirks.