Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has recently been updated with version 9.0 , which incidentally has included Steve, the protagonist of Minecraft who has joined the cast of characters. Like all those that have been arriving in the form of DLC, it has its own scenario , although this one has a peculiarity and that is that its biome can be changed.

So that you are clear about how to choose the one you like the most, we are going to tell you in this guide how to choose any of the different biomes in Minecraft World.

How to choose the different biomes in the Minecraft scenario

Nintendo has tried to make Steve and his move set as close to the acclaimed Mojang game as possible. With its respective scenario, it has not wanted to be left behind and that is why it will have six different versions, each with its own biome that will change the way we play and other details.

When choosing the scenario, one of them will be set at random , but on the map selection screen you can choose the biome that you like the most depending on the combination of buttons you press . So, we are going to detail how to choose each of them and what makes them special:


  • Button combination : L + A

It is the most common biome and some villagers appear in it, fulfilling their tasks while it is daytime. Zombies and skeletons emerge at night and will disappear again in the morning when they are scorched by the sun’s rays, at which point the villagers will come out again.


  • Button combination : L + R + A

In this second biome, the only thing there are sheep and cows in the background along with two trees that can be destroyed and in which a platform is hidden in each one.

bed sheet

  • Button Combination : L + Left Stick Up + A

Very similar to the previous one, with the difference that acacias grow here and there is only a single platform hidden in a tree.


  • Button Combination : L + Left Stick Right + A

In this biome you will find a tree that you can climb along with a good pile of stones with moss to make mincemeat.

Tundra nevada

  • Button Combination : L + Left Stick Down + A

The fifth biome is the one with the coldest of all and it features an igloo in the entire middle along with a couple of platforms.

Rocky coast

  • Button Combination : L + Left Stick Left + A

As for the last biome of all, it is characterized by all the rocks that will be located in the center of the stage, which form a ledge, and also by a platform that there is to go up and down.