This week Nintendo revealed Steve, the protagonist of Minecraft, as the next fighter to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate squad. If you were left wanting to know more about him, then you cannot miss the extensive broadcast in the form of gameplay that has been carried out to talk about him in depth.

Masahiro Sakurai has been the master of ceremonies for this presentation in which it has been shown that Steve will have eight different aspects , like the rest of the characters in the game. Three of them will be him with different colors, the same will happen with Alex , while the remaining two will be the Zombie and Enderman, although all of them will have the same movements.

Precisely on them we have been able to see how Steve will develop when it comes to taking action and Minecraft fans will be delighted with the treatment he has been given, because it will give the impression of being playing the Mojang title at all times , because it will behave practically the same.

In this way, Steve will use a sword, an ax or a pick for his basic attacks and those that he will also use to dig in the ground. This is because you will need to constantly collect materials because your tools will break after too much use. Thus, to create new ones, you must resort to the tool table that will be located on the stage and thus be able to manufacture new objects.

Depending on where you dig, you will receive some materials or others. In addition, when creating new objects you will use the best possible quality first, going from wood, stone, iron, gold to diamond . Of course, the tool table can be broken or destroyed by opponents, although it will not take long for a new one to appear so that Steve is not sold.

Among other skills that Steve will have, he will be able to burn the ground, create fire blocks , place pools of lava , throw a cane , hit with an anvil , get on a wagon or blow everything up with a box of dynamite . At the same time, you can also place blocks in the air and if you manage to get on one of them you will be able to walk in the air while more blocks are being created, in this case spending the lowest value materials.

So that everyone knows which objects are the ones that he has stored, next to the percentage of life there will be a bar in which the amount of materials of each type will be indicated . On the other hand, the blocks will be very useful to return to the stage, as well as the elytra, which will give Steve wings so that he can fly and glide briefly.

In regard to his Final Smash , when using it he will lock his opponents in a house inhabited by Creepers and littered with blocks of dynamite that will blow everything up, causing a huge explosion as Steve appears in the foreground eating a steak to celebrate. the same thing he will also do with one of his taunts.

Among other novelties, the scenario that will be included will be the World of Minecraft and will have six different versions , each with its own biome. In all of them, the blocks that are everywhere can be broken, which will make hidden platforms appear and will also be characterized by having a day and night cycle.

And of course, this pack will not be missing a custom spirit board for Steve, his own Smash Arcade route and a total of seven new tunes . All of them have been extracted from Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons, six of them being remixes that will vary their tone depending on whether the stage is day or night.

Of course, it cannot be denied that Nintendo has given a magnificent treatment to the popular Minecraft character and you can get him from October 14 for 5.99 euros . Holders of the second season pass will receive it the same day, which also includes Min Min, of ARMS, and four other wrestlers more will arrive in the coming months.