York County MMCN



MMCN:         Amy Marcotte                Amy.marcotte@va.gov                                    490-1513

FAC:               Samantha Treadwell    samantha.j.treadwell2.ctr@mail.mil            430-5780

MBVS:           David Flores                  david.s.flores@maine.gov                               324-1839

VHA:              Doreen Hunt                 Doreen.hunt@va.gov                                        623-8411 ext. 3111

VC:                 Amy Marcotte                Amy.marcotte@va.gov                                    490-1613


Group meets quarterly on the second Monday of February, May, August, and November from 1pm-3pm at the Springvale Vet Center located at 628 Main St., Springvale, ME 04083. The next meeting is scheduled for 5 November 2018. Contact by email at Amy.Marcotte@va.gov or by phone at (207) 490-1513.