Mid-Coast MMCN (Brunswick)



MMCN:           John Wagner                 john.w.wagner@maine.gov                   3734010

MMCN:           Nancy Gillespie            nancy.gillespie@va.gov                         783-0068                     

FAC:               Samantha Treadwell      samantha.j.treadwell2.ctr@mail.mil       430-5780

MBVS:            Melissa Willette            Melissa.Willette@maine.gov                   430-6004
                          or Sarah Sherman          sarah.sherman@maine.gov                    430-5816                     

VHA:               Jim Doherty                  james.doherty@va.gov                          623-5714

VC:                 Scott Hutcherson           scott.hutcherson@va.gov                       783-0068         


The group will meet quarterly. The next meeting is scheduled for 9 June at 3:00pm at the Mid-Coast Veterans Council – 62 Pegasus St. Suit 101, Brunswick, ME.  For more information contact John by email at john.w.wagner@maine.gov or by phone at 207-373-4010.