Aroostook County MMCN (Houlton)




MMCN:       Jean Henderson                     521-3100 3103

MMCN:       John DeVeau          207-492-2190

FAC:             Emma Edgecomb             430-5528

MBVS:         David Flores                               324-1839

VHA:            Gary Michaud                                   623-8411, X3883

VC:                Alex Leger-Kelley                496-3900


Group meets quarterly on Wednesdays from 1pm-2:30pm

Next Meeting MMCN Aroostook  July 26, 2017  Houlton Higher Education Center

Houlton Community Covenant Signing. Video of the entire ceremony at

Thanks to Tracy Rockwell, Jean Henderson, Butch Asselin, Jane Torres, Patrick Blanchette and Kimberly McGillicuddy for all your hard work! Thanks to the National Guard Bureau for your support with the Community Covenant banner, lapel pins and brochures.

Meeting Minutes

April 2017