Mojang has just made an important announcement that will affect all Minecraft users, since it will soon be necessary for all of them to create a Microsoft account to be able to connect to this and any other title developed by Mojang.

This measure will especially affect the java edition of Minecraft, since it will be essential that they follow this procedure if they want to continue playing from 2021 , which is when the migration is scheduled to take place. Otherwise, it will be impossible for them to connect as soon as this decision is officially established.

To further explain the reasons for this situation, Mojang has created a page to answer some of the questions that are most likely to arise. Among them, the details that the reason for this decision is mainly due to protect the players , since that will guarantee new ways that their accounts remain safe, especially thanks to the verification in two steps.

So that no one has doubts about what kind of accounts are affected , those who connect with their Mojang account or with their username instead of with an email, are the ones who must create a Microsoft account. For the rest, there will be no other changes and anyone can continue to enjoy Minecraft as before without losing their characters or any other content.

To encourage all users to migrate, they will be rewarded with a free tier . Also, it has been stated that only a single Mojang account can be joined to a Microsoft account. In addition, in the coming days those who start playing the Java edition of Minecraft will be asked to create a Microsoft account instead of a Mojang one.