Minecraft in its version for PlayStation 4 has just received one of its most important updates to date, because from today it will become compatible with PlayStation VR , so you can already see how the Mojang title looks in virtual reality.

The update is completely free and does not change anything in the gameplay except the way to be able to play in this way, because otherwise it will continue to be exactly the same game that we already know, but now it will be more realistic than ever to break blocks or make constructions of all.

Naturally, a PlayStation VR unit is needed for this, while the PS4 DualShock is what you will use to move and perform the rest of the actions. In the trailer that you have accompanying the news you can see all this more carefully.

The only novelty, apart from playing in virtual reality, is a couple of modes to view everything that appears on the screen, one being the immersive mode and the other being the living room mode , so that each one can enjoy the experience as good as possible seem.

Minecraft will receive an update on PS4 to make it compatible with virtual reality functionality

After the community requested it for quite some time, it seems that Minecraft hit the virtual reality of PlayStation this month. From Mojang they claim to have had plans for this option since they launched their version on PlayStation 4, but until now they had not been able to set a date.

This new option will be launched throughout the month, although we do not yet know the specific date, and users will access it through a free patch , available to all who have the game on that platform. Once downloaded we can activate this option.

According to Mojang, the VR version will have all the content available in the normal version, that is, no features or functions have been removed from the base game, but everything has been adapted to virtual reality functionality. However, there are some new additions, especially in terms of settings and adjustments to suit VR. In addition, as Mojang has published on the official PlayStation blog, we can use two modes: immersive or living room.

As we did in the normal version, we will use the DualShock 4 to move and perform most of the actions such as building and making things, or fighting with our enemies. The big difference will be the sense of immersion inherent in using a VR device.

From Mojang they affirm that the situation experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the team’s work, but did not drastically hinder the development of this version. SkyBox Labs was the team in charge of adapting the game to VR functionality, along with Mojang and Sony itself.