It seems incredible that more than 10 years have passed since the publication of Minecraft and Mojang still continues to come up with more surprises to introduce into the game, such as those he presented at the Minecraft Live event that he held this afternoon and in which we has previewed everything to come in the coming months through the Caves & Cliffs update.

Thanks to it, two improvements that fans of the saga have been asking for for a long time and what it will do exactly is update the caves and mountains of the game. The first mainly because the exploration in the caverns is one of the fundamental points of the gameplay, so that they can come across a greater variety of areas.

With these measures it is intended to add more types of caves that contain drops that fall from the ceiling, crystals, as well as more types of blocks , among which there will be some in the shape of stalactites and stalagmites or others of red color that will react with the movement of the players. On the other hand, by digging into the walls it will be possible to find copper to make new objects, such as a lightning rod, or even some rare glass stones that will be used to create a telescope.

Of course, not everything will be limited to simply touring the caves, because new types of enemies will await in them , including one that will react to the movement of the characters and there will also be a sea creature with the name of Axolotl that can throw us a cable in fighting.

When it comes to mountains, it is hoped to give them a more spectacular touch than ever with new designs . In turn, they will have new snow traps and in them, it will be possible to meet goats and other novelties that will be announced later.

Even so, Mojang asks for patience for all this content, because he assures that it is one of the largest updates he has ever created and therefore, due to the immense workload that it entails, it will take a long time to be available, so it has warned that it will not be ready until summer 2021, at the earliest.