After years of rumors and speculation it becomes official: Steve and Alex, from Minecraft, will join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And not only will they retain the original look of Microsoft and Mojang’s hit game – which is relatively straightforward – but they bring the mining and crafting experience to the biggest video game crossover ever. A madness that can only be achieved through the vision of Masahiro Sakurai and his team.

The Bottom Line: Steve and Alex star in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wannabe Pack 7, along with bonus content in the form of new music tracks, a themed setting and more challenges. The batch can now be purchased from the eShop and will be available from October 14, whether we buy the Pack or the second Fighters Pass.

Despite the fact that the revelation of the characters took place before the presentation of the contents of the Aspirant Pack 7, which you can see just below, Nintendo has been very fine when it comes to choosing the date: the confirmation of the arrival of Steve and Alex is one of the main attractions of the Minecraft Live event. A celebration of the relentless success of Minecraft.

The incorporation of such relevant and globally recognizable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a milestone, but what is really important is how the protagonists of Minecraft will develop when they face Mario, Link, Ryu or Bayonetta during the development of the combats And that’s where Sakurai has been brighter than ever.

This is the combat style of Steve and Alex

It can be said that instead of adapting the Minecraft universe to Super Smash Bros. Sakurai has opted for the opposite: to add to the colossal brawler nintendero the premises of excavating and building the legendary Mojang sandbox with unusual fidelity. Always being aware that it is a fighting game with deep platform elements.

When choosing a starting point, we find that Steve and Alex are -in essence- the same fighter and, like the hero of Dragon Quest, occupy the same panel in the selection of characters. Each one has two alternative costumes, to which must be added the Zombie (aspect number 7) and the Enderman (aspect number 8).

While we can see that Enderman has much finer limbs than the rest, in practice there is no difference between the eight aspects of the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter . Starting with the fact that we can play with the Zombie in broad daylight and even build.