The new Super Smash Bros. Ultimare fighters will not only come accompanied by their own thematic scenario, but it is made up of six different biomes, completely destructible and with their cycles of day and night. And the best thing is that they change in each fight:

  • The plain shows villagers when it is daytime and monsters at night
  • Birch is a wild biome in which different animals and trees are shown
  • The savannah is a biome that is inspired by hot climates
  • The taiga recreates the coldest natural environments
  • The snowy tundra is a frozen region with permafrost dominated by an igloo in the middle
  • Finally, the rocky coast is made up of stone blocks that we can break with blows and even headbutts.

Despite their aesthetic and design differences, and apart from the decorations in the form of trees, ice blocks or rocks, each scenario in the World of Minecraft offers the same type of materials at the same points, so if we need one in particular we will know exactly where to look.

Logically, and in addition to the previous biomes, the alternative versions of the World of Minecraft (battlefield and omega) are also included, designed for the competitive experience.

New challenges and content included in Applicant Pack 7

As is tradition, the content proposal of the Applicant 7’s Pack is rounded off with perfect excuses to put the new fighters to the test and, incidentally, to capture more and better the game in which they are represented. Which includes an additional spirit board with characters from the Minecraft universe and a route for Steve and Alex in Smash arcade mode.

In addition to this, the Pack will add seven new musical themes to the game, only that unlike the previous DLCs they will not be directly based on the main game.

The reason? According to Sakurai, Minecraft’s OST is too relaxing for a fighting game, so it has been chosen to incorporate mixes and themes from various spin-offs of the series that will also adapt to the day and night cycles of the stage. Minecraft world.